be still my heart {Paulina Quintana}

005 661x1024 be still my heart {Paulina Quintana}It’s actually a pretty rare thing for me to fall head over heels for a kid’s designer label. But, Paulina Quintana has absolutely made a believer out of me. I guess some of my first thoughts were that items from designer labels were a little too foofey for my taste and a hefty price tag to go along with it. Paulina Quintana’s items are every day essentials with just enough modern design that people will stop you asking you where you got that outfit. I kid you not! The trench coat my daughter wore to her Christmas recital for school got no less than seven people stopping me. The Green Tweed Jumper Dress was the talk of the family party over Thanksgiving.

Paulina describes her collection of signature play clothes as a combination of California cool with a retro flair. She believes that kids should be kids and you see this in all of her designs. She loves clean lines (be still my heart), so no ruffles or foofey stuff here! Her prints are bold with room for your kid to bounce around the house as they usually would. She has two young boys of her own, she completely understand the necessity of having nice clothes that are functional. No one likes to spend money on an expensive dress for your child that you’re constantly paranoid that they’re going to ruin. You make your kid take the outfit off right after the function you had them wear it for. What’s the point in that? You want clothes that look 051 648x1024 be still my heart {Paulina Quintana}good, durable, are comfortable and that your child wants to wear every single day.

Every woman needs a good trench coat in her closet as a staple jacket. Honestly, I wanted the same for my daughter. Out in Arizona, we get a lot more use out of our lighter jackets throughout the year since it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in a lot of other areas of the country. A lot of our holiday’s fall into “cooler” weather, which is about 50 – 70 degrees during the year. So this trench coat is a perfect jacket that was extremely comfortable for my daughter. Now, it does have the option to be worn with the first set of buttons undone to show the breast of the jacket, but it was chilly, so we buttoned it up all the way. Completely versatile! My daughter loved the pockets as well to keep her hands warm on the walk to her program.

I’m slightly obsessed with the Green Tweed Jumper Dress from Paulina Quintana. This dress actually had me gasping when I pulled it out for the first time. I kid you not, if this was in my size, I’d totally wear it. It’s comfortable, practical and adorable. You can dress it up or wear it as casual. during colder months, you can wear a long sleeved shirt underneath with adorable tights to keep your child’s legs warm. My daughter was running around the house posing for everyone and eating up all of the gasps from our family members on Thanksgiving.

I’m extremely excited for Paulina Quintana’s new Spring 2012 collection coming out! Take a peek here to start drooling over what you’re putting on your must-have list. Plus she has a new line of toys called WHIRLYGIG! So many new changes this Spring, so make sure you stay in touch with her site to be In The Know with the latest!